See You in June!

Wow – April absolutely flew by! In general, I think this year is flying by. So many books, so little time!

Which brings me to today’s post. I’ve decided to put BiblioSmiles on a hiatus for the next month so I can focus on working on the second draft of my YA novel. Between working a full-time job and maintaining a blog (while also still trying to have a social life), I’ve let the project that’s most important to me fall by the wayside.

I encourage you to stick with BiblioSmiles for more great content starting in June, and I urge you to consider submitting a piece of your own! Whether you want to share a book review, an Anatomy of a Bookshelf post, or a personal essay, I’d love to have you on the team! I will be checking email at during the month, so feel free to drop me a line.

Thank you for reading along and understanding as I take this time to write. And hey – did you know that there have been about forty contributors on BiblioSmiles so far? That means there’s a heck of a lot of posts that you can go back and read! Visit the About page and click on a contributor to read their posts. Or why not try a category like Personal Essays, Interviews, or The Reading Life?

I will also still be sharing posts on the BiblioSmiles Instagram here.

Happy reading, everyone!  See you in June!

Danielle Villano is the editor of BiblioSmiles, and she is really glad you’re here. Learn more on the About page.  Tweet @daniellevillano.


Three Months & Call For Submissions!

BiblioSmiles Header

This morning I’m excited to announce that BiblioSmiles is three months old. Can you believe it? Thank you to everyone who has clicked on a link, shared a blog post, commented, or followed us on one of our social media accounts… and a special THANK YOU to the fabulous people who have contributed to BiblioSmiles!

The end of May is looking particularly awesome thanks to BookCon in NYC! I’ll be attending, along with some other contributors. And we may just be sporting tshirts. Oh my gosh, I’m so psyched.

Since we’ll be there geeking out and probably snapping a million photos each, now is the perfect time to follow BiblioSmiles on Instagram! We like to post fun photos anyway, like these:



And now for a super-special announcement I’m sure you weren’t expecting from the title of this post or anything:

We’re looking for submissions!

From the beginning, I’ve envisioned BiblioSmiles as place for bookworms to unite and write about the beautiful thing that unites us: books!

These are the kinds of posts BiblioSmiles is currently looking for. However, I’m always into hearing something new!

– “The Anatomy of A Bookshelf.” Give readers a tour of your shelf/shelves, like our other posts here.

– Book reviews of all genres – I’d love to see graphic novels added to the list!

– Personal essays about favorite books or authors, memorable reading experiences, reflections, or opinion pieces

– Movie reviews with attention paid to the book the movie was based on

– Spotlight on your favorite place to shop for books, or your favorite place to read.  Celebrate the reading life!

All submissions and questions can be emailed to Please spread the word to family and friends. Don’t be intimidated; you don’t have to be a “writer” to submit. I’m looking for contributors who are passionate about the written word. Come on, join us!

Here’s to another great month!

Danielle Villano is the editor of BiblioSmiles, and she is really glad you’re here. Learn more on the About page.  Tweet @daniellevillano.