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BiblioSmiles is a site dedicated to a life of reading. Reading may be a solitary experience, but the joy we receive from it should be shared!

Whether you want to find the next book to add to your “must read” list, or you’re looking for essays to make you laugh, smile, or think, BiblioSmiles is here to provide. Let’s celebrate reading and all the happiness it brings.

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Danielle Villano is a graduate of SUNY Purchase, where she studied creative writing.  Her writing has found its way to StorychordTOSKA Magazine, Breadcrumbs Mag, The Young Folks, and various other publications. She lives in New York City and she should be working on her YA novel instead of going to brunch. Check out her writing website here. Contact Danielle at daniellevillano@gmail.com or tweet @daniellevillano.

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